Viktoria & Woods

From the time Viktoria + Woods launched in 2003 our approach was simple: to create effortless wardrobe staples with a pared-down, contemporary feel. At the heart of the label is our signature merino collection that launched the brand. Since then, the offering has expanded to include silks, gauze weaves, cottons, chunky home-spun knits and blazers. Viktoria and Woods continue to develop our collections each season, injecting new fabrics and styles that we believe are essential to women serious about developing a functional and quality wardrobe that is a reflection of their lifestyle and their appreciation for designer elements. Proudly, the greater part of our collection is made in Australia. Their collections have a transeasonality, simplicity and timelessness that will last in your wardrobe for years to come. Viktoria + Woods value ‘quality’ fabrications and wherever possible we aim to use textiles that leave a lighter footprint on the planet. Clean, simple and sophisticated will forever embody Viktoria + Woods. Whilst there is no doubt these key elements continue to represent the intrinsic nature of the brand, there is no ignoring the development towards a mature, elegant and confident direction.